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We are fasthub, a Bosch innovation hub. We rebel against the old by thinking the new. With this startup mindset, we enable, empower and enhance innovators from all over the Bosch world to validate their ideas – and turn them into business.

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Driving Innovation
for Life

That’s the vision for what we are putting all our strength into. And how? By always challenging the status quo. We never call anything impossible but rather try to make the impossible possible. We aim to turn the best ideas into business by providing innovators the environment they need to realize their promising projects. Let’s shape the future of Powertrain Solutions.

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What We Do to Reach Our Goals ‒ and Yours

All our actions are aimed at enhancing a spirit of innovation and unique ideas. We give ideas a home in which they can grow – safely. This is the only way to turn an innovative idea into action.

"fasthub is our start-up machine. With the fasthub team we have been capable to introduce new business ideas faster and more target-oriented."
Thomas Pauer, President of Bosch Powertrain Solutions

We have validated more than 50 ideas in our program. 14 of them have been moving further for industrialization or spinning off or preparing for scaling up.

Thomas Pauer Team Fasthub
"Innovation for life brings invented for life into business. Our mission at Bosch is Invented for life. That‘s what our people are great at. fasthub is here to create the environment to make business from those inventions."
Florian Hachenberger, Head of fasthub

The founder of You charge team drives a electric car and dreamed of a easy charging solution. That was the start of the idea and today, You charge team is able to utilize the competences in Bosch and bring the new cable into real business.

You Charge Product
"Disrupt and experiment often! If you succeed, it is life changing."
Viktoria Stöger, Co-founder of Quent.z & Coach for entrapreneurship

The coach is falling love in the innovation idea. With strong belief in the product Smart Soda team experiments a new exit – spinning off Quent.z. Since then, the team have a new role – entrepreneurs.

Quentz Business Card
"Innovation for life is the opposite to the innovation for powerpoint."
Tony Pleschinger, Coach for business model innovation

If FresH2 would just tell a good story on the powerpoint, we would not be able to see the transformed plant in France.

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Our program offers unique opportunities, such as a board sponsorship and access to our broad external and internal partner and expert network. Pick up speed and boost your career.

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Venture Founder

Oliver Steinbis Cofounder Origify

Meet Oliver!

“Take the barrier out of your head, then there will be no more limits. – It’s an important part of my mindset! At fasthub I felt that this was really promoted and not suppressed!”

Oliver Steinbis, Co-founder of Origify

Rocky Emmler Cofounder Decarbindustries

Meet Rocky!

“During the fasthub program we were able to focus entirely on our idea. The streamlined and well-coordinated innovation processes helped us set timeline and develop results step by step and thus we could get feedback as quickly as possible. An open era culture, a fantastic network inside and outside from Bosch expanded the scope and our opportunities of the idea, not to forget the open exchange with the top managers at eye-level. The fasthub team still support us today as mentor, coach, friend and as team member if needed. So if you have an idea, try it out and pitch it.”

Rocky Emmler, Co-founder of Decarbonize Industries

Meet Franzi!

“Thanks to fasthub, crazy ideas finally have a home to grow and develop. I remember that we pitched the idea of OGS with legos in 2020. Today we are proud of the evolvement of our sensor which is desperately wanted by customers across different segments and is nominated for the innovation prize by the German Gas economy.”

Franziska Seiz, Co-founder of Optical Gas Sensor

Meet Pamela!

“Some may say we were lucky, but innovation is all about hard work and passion. fasthub was an enabler so that we could develop our idea related to fuel cell for refrigeration units. Thanks to the support of great coaches, innovation tools and valuable mentoring, we identified the right segment and convinced our pilot customer thanks to our value proposition. We also used everything we learned from fasthub to develop an internal innovation process in our plant and generate new ideas.”

Pamela Moreira, Co-founder of FresH2

Athanasios Vikas Cofouner Quentz

Meet Thanasis!

“fasthub gave us the opportunity to analyze the market, work out business models, and bring the product to production readiness in the venture phase. We hadn’t found a happy home at Bosch, but again fasthub helped us not to give up, but to seize the opportunity and turn it into the spin-off Quent.z. fasthub is for all those who are convinced of their business idea and have strong will to realize it.”

Athanasios Vikas, Co-founder of Quent.z