We Enable Ventures to Rise – Fast.

Our program is sponsored by members of our Board of Directors, who support our innovators as mentors. Close collaboration with core business units and external partners enables extensive knowledge and resource transfer. We ensure a smooth transition – from concept validation to scaling, recruiting and building-up sales capability.


This Is How We Work –
Our fasthub Journey

Along the fasthub journey we support idea owners to validate their business ideas during the acceleration phase and provide a corporate start-up environment within the fasthub venture incubator. We enable business model innovation. We empower intrapreneurial venture scaling. We enhance core business transformation.


Ideation & Scouting

Join our ideation workshop or hackathon or submit your ideas directly during our yearly regular call for ideas.


Bootcamp & Pitch Preparation

We guide you to frame the respective business idea and give valuable tips on how to pitch convincingly.



Pitch your business ideas in front of our jury who are willing to provide budget for your team for the 100-day acceleration.


100-Day Acceleration

This phase is all about validating the initial idea by checking the market fit. The focus is also on conducting the first assessment of business model fit.



The innovators present their validated business idea and move on to the next investment round. They submit the final proposal to Bosch or the fasthub venture program to help us shape the future of Powertrain Solutions.


Venture Program

This phase is about building up a team and start-up structure, narrowing the sales funnel and channels, generating first sales contracts, refining the business model and preparing for scaling up.


End of Journey

The spin off is fully dedicated to scaling the business. It also deals with the return to the Bosch organization and the establishment of an own company.

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The main target group for the fasthub program concerns employees of the whole Bosch organization that are passionate about innovations and bringing them into the market.

The fasthub program incorporates acceleration and incubation outstandingly in one platform. Innovation teams get the chance to work out new business ideas connected to the Bosch Powertrain Solutions organization until market entry.

The fasthub program is also set-up to have the possibility to stop working on not promising business ideas in early stages. Within the 100-day acceleration, teams get the chance to receive customer feedback rapidly to validate potential market success. Having passed the acceleration, the teams are empowered to work in a start-up mode, are equipped with financial resources, and get the chance to iterate their business model until scaling.

  • The fasthub team decides who will participate the entry pitch event in order to be part of the program.
  • A jury, consisting of the Bosch Powertrain Solutions top management decides at the pitch event on placing their investment on which team. They also have the role as mentors supporting the teams along the fasthub journey.

We are open to cooperate with different external companies along the whole fasthub journey. External partners have supported in the field of ideation & scouting, research and business modelling. The external view enables us to widen our perspectives and learn continuously.

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