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Meet our Ventures

Discover our innovative venture teams that are shaping the future of Powertrain Solutions.

  • Oliver Steinbis Cofounder Origify


    A Revolution of Product Authentication

    Bosch Origify is a covert and digital product authentication solution that makes tracking and verifying the original products within seconds possible. We can authenticate almost any product type by leveraging our optical fingerprint-powered solution which is non-invasive and keeps your product design intact.

  • Teamphoto Fasthub

    Decarbonize Industries

    Out a Maze to an Amazing Solutions

    With the new cloud-based software solution Decarbonize Industries, we support industries on its way to becoming climate-neutral. The platform uses current data from the energy market, legislation, and many other sources to show industrial companies the most efficient way to reach their climate goals. This venture is a cooperation of Bosch and the energy provider EWE AG.

  • Venture BDXS Team Photo


    Your Roadmap of Digital Xellence Towards Zero-Defect Production

    Bosch Digital Xcellence Services (BDXS) is an enabler of manufacturing excellence for medium-sized companies by providing lean, smart, and cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions.
    It helps customers to monitor production quality, saving costs through avoidance of failures or increasing production throughput.

  • Recovery Teamphoto


    Turn the Waste Today into the Resource of Tomorrow!

    ReCoVery is a program that guarantees product tracking and legal certifications for the environmentally correct disposal of End of Life products. Powered by reverse logistics flow for the EOL products in workshops and reinsertion of materials into the value chain, the material cycle is closed which is a great practical example of circular economy in Bosch Brazil.

  • FresH2

    A Clean and Quiet Solution for Temperature-Controlled Semi-Trailers

    The fuel cell system FresH2is an emission and noise-free solution and is an enabler for future regulations compliance. The system can be easily integrated into the trailer refrigeration units and is cost-competitive thanks to the high synergy with Bosch automotive fuel cell system.

  • Venture OGS Teamphoto


    Simply Know What’s Inside

    The Optical Gas Spectrometer (OGS) makes the gas components visible. This happens online during the process and provides the measured value directly online. Besides the H2, N2, and O2, the multigas analyzer can also detect moisture and other molecule gases. It is easy to integrate, simple to calibrate, and without gas emissions.

  • Venture Remodule Team


    Double Your Margin with remodul!

    Remodul offers a hardware and software solution that enables logistic companies to double their profit and digitalize their fleets. Remodul is able to optimize fuel consumption of min. 4% fuel saving by controlling the vehicle speed. The system has a connected and predictive cruise control taking vehicle load, street conditions, and the vehicle’s individual efficiency levels as input. In addition, the remodul system enables real-time data tracking and analysis upgradeable with features over-the-air.

  • Venture you charge Teamphoto

    You Charge

    Charging Station in Your Hand – Always There. Always Ready to Use. Always Functional.

    YouCharge is a flexible charging cable solution that is tailored to the needs of both e-mobility users and parking lot operators. By combining an intuitive, lightweight, and brickless mobile charging cable with integrated charging control and standard sockets, we enable a simple and convenient realization of charging infrastructure.

  • Venture Quentz Teamphoto


    Optimize Your Bottle Delivery Chain

    Quent.z predicts fill levels for bottles filled with CO2, or any other gas and suggests the best time to change the bottle due to the accurate sensing and advanced learning algorithm. Powered by cloud technology, the customer can order the gas bottle in time and save cost for the spare bottle.

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